In 2010-2011, the ACPC was saddened by the deaths of several of its prominent members or supporters.



Mrs Marjorie North

Mrs.H.M.[Marge] North died in Sydney on 1 September 2010 at the age of 96 years.

Marge was one of the founders of the Australian Prison After-Care Council in the early '60s. She took an active part in the steps taken to widen the role of the Council and to change the of the Council name to the Australian Crime Prevention , Corrections and After-Care Council and later to the Australian Crime Prevention Council. She remained interested in and was supportive of the work of the Council for almost 50 years.

In the '60s Marge was appointed Assistant Secretary , having had experience working for the Civil Rehabilitation Committees of New South Wales. She became a conference organizer and a public relations officer. In the language of the 21st Century she was "a volunteer deeply involved in the field of human resources". She was associated [in an organizational sense] with more national conferences and seminars than anyone else in the Council.

She was particularly effective in keeping in touch with the many friends and supporters of the Council. The Presidents of the Council and other office-bearers , who became her personal friends as well , included the inaugural President [Judge Alfred Rainbow Q.C.], Mr. Justice McClemens, Dame Phyllis Frost, Sir Max Bingham, Mr. Ray Whitrod, Mr. David Biles, Mr. Justice Muirhead, Justice Rodney Wood, Mr Justice Purvis, Chief Judge Don Brebner, Mr. John van Groningen, Judge Roy Grubb, Mr Bill Cullen, Professor Michael Benes, Supt. Reg Lucas, Mr. Colin Bevan, Mr. Frank Hayes, Professor Don Robertson, Judge Andrew Wilson and Master Peter Norman.
Besides this Who's Who of crime prevention and criminal justice personnel in Australia , all of whom [and more] came to value Marge's dedication and friendship , Marge was instrumental in establishing rapport and strong links with international experts who visited Australia. These experts included
Professor Norval Morris [Australia and U.S.A.], Dr. Ivan Scheier [U.S.A.], Mr. V.N. Pillai [Sri Lanka], Mr. Austin Williams [U.K.],Professor I. Drapkin [Israel],Professor Irvin Waller [Canada],Mrs.Angela Custodio [the Philippines], Dr. John Robson [New Zealand], Mr Jack Calhoun [U.S.A.],Professor Lawrence Sherman [U.S.A.] and Professor Ezzat Fatah [Egypt].
Marge was as comfortable in the company of police constables, probation and parole officers, social workers, prison staff, ex-offenders, psychiatrists, lawyers and public servants as she was in the company of Governors-General, Premiers, Attorneys-General, Ministers of Justice and members of the Judiciary. She endeared herself to people at all levels within the criminal justice system.
Marge was a very special lady. She will be greatly missed.
[Judge Andrew Wilson AM (Rtd) ] 


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