Fifteenth National Conference: Wollongong, 1991

Mr Clive Begg

The Council's Biennial Conference “Crime Prevention- Community Fear or Community Safety” was held in Wollongong between 2nd and 6th September 1991 and opened by the Governor of NSW, Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair. Mr Neil Whiskin, Chief Executive of “Crime Concern” gave the Keynote Address “Perspectives of Crime Prevention- The Involvement of Non Government Organisations”.
 30 key resolutions were passed by the Conference.
 At the conclusion of the Conference Mr Clive Begg of Queensland (pictured) was elected as National President with Judge Andrew Wilson of South Australia as Vice President, Mr John King of Queensland as Secretary and Mr Ashley Reid as Treasurer.

Sixteenth National Conference: Brisbane, 1993

The Sixteenth National Conference was held in Queensland between September 21 and 24, 1993, under the theme “Chaos or Reason-Community Safety in the Twenty-First Century”.
The Executive then comprised Mr Clive Begg (President) Justice Purvis (Past president) Judge Wilson (Vice President) Mr John King (Secretary) Mr Ashley Reid (Treasurer) and Prof Don Robertson (NSW) Mr Michael Benes (Vic) and Mr Bill Cullen (WA). Guest Speakers at the Conference included Professor Ezzat Fattah (Professor in Criminology at the Simon Fraser University, Canada), Dr Irwin Waller (Vice President of the World Society of Victimology) Mr Kevin Gill (Lead Youth Consultant, Crime Concern, United Kingdom) and many others.
In his address at the Opening of the Conference, Hon Glen Milliner, Queensland Minister for Corrective services, observed that every government in Australia, from the Federal Government to the states and local authorities had to concentrate on crime prevention, observing that Corrective Services were only part of that process, prison was the last resort, and police forces were only marginally ahead in the crime prevention process. He said that he despaired every time someone espoused the theory that if jails were tougher, and penalties were harsher, the crime problem would be overcome. History, he said, taught that this was rubbish, as was the notion that legislation could prevent crime. He said that Governments must realise that short term political mileage would mean long-term suffering.
He said that the Council had a mammoth job to do and that government support to it would range from whole-hearted to spasmodic. The challenge for the Council, he said, was to get community support and to do this it must have media attention and support.
In his paper, Judge Wilson said that the Council should consider changing its role to focus more on the encouragement of research into, evaluation of, and action to implement crime prevention strategies and programs.

Seventeenth National Conference: Adelaide and Burra, 1995

Judge Wilson

Jack Calhoun, Adelaide (1995)
The Seventeenth National Conference was held at Adelaide and Burra, South Australia, between November 19 and 24, 1995 under the theme “Crime Prevention beyond 2000- You Can Make A Difference”. The National Executive then comprised Judge Wilson (President, pictured right) Mr Bill Cullen (WA- Vice President), Ms Helen Nichols (SA, Secretary), Mr D Bowyer (Treasurer) Mr Clive Begg (Qld) and Prof. Don Robertson (Journal Editor).
 Guests included Mr Jack Calhoun, Executive Director of the National Crime prevention Council, USA, and the themes of the conference included general issues, special interest groups including Security and Crime Prevention by public instrumentalities, Neighbourhood Watch and related Schemes,
Community policing, road safety and car related crimes, youth justice and education, prisons, community corrections and offender rehabilitation services, and the sentencing and treatment of the offender.

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