The Eleventh National Conference: Canberra, 1981


Judge Roy Grubb

The Eleventh National conference was held in Canberra between 30 August and 4 September 1981.The keynote address “Policing a Democracy” delivered by Mr W Clifford, Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, was very well received by police forces in Australia as well as receiving commendation by overseas authorities. Sir Colin Woods, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, presented an address “Policing the Police”
Judge Roy Grubb of South Australia (pictured) replaced Justice Muirhead as National Chairman with Mr P Johnson of Queensland as Vice President, Mr Frank Hayes as Secretary and Det Sgt P Carter as Treasurer.

Twelfth National Conference: Brisbane, 1983

The Twelfth National Conference was held in Brisbane between 5th and 9th September 1983.
The National President remained Judge RW Grubb of South Australia.
The theme of the conference was “The Alienated Generation” The Keynote address was presented by Sir Edward Williams and the guest speaker was Sir James Killen.


As a result of withdrawal of Commonwealth funding, the paid Secretariat closed in late 1984. For a time, the future of the Council appeared to be in doubt. The proposed biennial conference planned for Melbourne was abandoned. For various reasons both the National President and the Senior Vice President resigned. The Branches however decided to keep the Council alive as a National body and arrangements were made to review the Constitution.

Judge Don Brebner
The National Executive met in Sydney on 12 August 1985 to discuss the Council's future. It appeared that the ACT Tasmanian and Northern territory branches were in recess.
A subsequent meeting was held in Melbourne on 9 December 1985 and amendments were made to the national constitution. A further Executive meeting was held in Adelaide on 14 March 1985 and it was decide that the next national Conference would be held in Adelaide.
It was resolved that the practice of the Council would be that the Executive of the state branch holding the next National conference would in effect comprise the National Executive.
Judge Don Brebner of South Australia (pictured) was elected as National President, Mr Peter Norman as secretary and Mr John Witham as Treasurer.
The SA Branch committed to hold the next National conference.
Notwithstanding that the Council no longer had the assistance of paid staff, its work continued, the Journal continued to be published, and Branches remained in some, but not all, States.

Thirteenth National Conference: Adelaide, 1987

Marjorie North and Peter Norman (1987)

Mr John Van Groningen
The Thirteenth National conference of the Council, held in Adelaide between 10th and 13th August 1987, and opened by the Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen, was undertaken in conjunction with conferences of the World Society of Victimology and the International Prisoners Aid Association. The President of the Council during this conference was Chief Judge Brebner from the District Court of South Australia.
A special guest at the combined conference was Dr Irvin Waller, Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa and Secretary General of the World Society of Victimology.
Other papers were presented to the Conference by Hon Justice L J King, Chief Justice of South Australia, Mr Ian Temby, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Brigadier M H McKenzie Orr, Head of the Protective Services Co-Ordination Centre, Canberra, and Mr David Hunt, Commissioner of Police for SA.
At the conclusion of the Conference Mr John Van Groningen of Victoria (pictured left) was elected as National President with Hon Justice R L Purvis as Vice President, Mr Peter Ling as Secretary and Mr John Witham as Treasurer.
A National Executive Meeting was held in Melbourne on 14 April 1989.

Fourteenth National Conference: Melbourne, 1989

Hon Justice Purvis
The Fourteenth National Conference was held in Melbourne between 3rd and 6th July 1989 on the theme ”Crime-Inevitable or Preventable”
Papers presented included “The Politics of Crime Prevention” by Mr Michael King QC, Senior research Fellow in the Department of Law at Brunel University in London, and “Criminal Court Delays-Inevitable or Preventable” by Professor Peter Sallmann, Executive Director of the AIJA.
It was agreed at the conclusion of this conference that NSW would host the next National Conference.
Hon Justice Purvis of NSW (pictured right) was elected as National President and Mr Clive Begg as National Vice President. Mr Patrick Armstrong was Secretary and Mr John Parnell Treasurer.

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