Professor Peter Homel attended the 13th  UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal in Doha, Qatar from 12-19 April 2015  which  addressed the broad theme of preventing crime to build sustainable development. In his role as Principal Criminologist – Crime Prevention at the Australian Institute of Criminology,  Prof Homel   was  accompanied by the AIC’s then Director, Dr Adam Tomison. They delivered one of the four workshops being part of the official Congress program.




Dr Garner Clancey and the Sydney Institute of Criminology hosted several events  in 2015  including Crime Prevention – 2015 Master Class, Criminology through Crime Film Course , Working with Domestic Violence Offenders Training Course, the  Paul Byrne SC Memorial Lecture delivered by Justice Virginia Bell, and  Crime: Contemporary and Future Trends one-day seminar.




Associate Professor Michael Benes spent five weeks in Prague in April-May 2015 where he attended an annual social pathology conference and for the sixth time he presented the ‘Benes Award', received by students for the best post-graduate (Master or PhD) thesis in criminology/crime prevention during the previous academic year.  He had sponsored a select group of Master students at Prague’s Charles University since 2006.






Professor Peter Homel attended meetings in Brazil and the USA. He also attended the 23rd UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna. At that meeting there was a significant resolution passed on crime prevention which was recommended for adoption by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This was the first major Crime Commission resolution on crime prevention in six years so it is an important step in prioritising crime prevention on the international and national agenda.






In  late 2013, Dr Garner Clancey and the Sydney Institute of Criminology hosted a seminar on Alternative Education, Diversion and Young People. With over 130 registrants, this event showcased local programs aimed at keeping young people out of the criminal justice system. A training course was also organised by the Institute (and delivered by Dr John Howard) on Drugs, Crime, Young People and Brief Interventions in November 2013. This session was part of a continuing education program being delivered by the Institute.




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